We have the state of the art Dynojet 250i dynamometer with Eddy Current Load Absorpton in house which allows us to perform a wide range of highly accurate tests on your motorcycle.  Not only will it give you horsepower and torque measurements, but it also gives an exact fuel/air ratio to get you the most performance possible when tuning your motorcycle.  Our dynamometer also features the Eddy Current Load Absorption technology to replicate real world riding characteristics and help get the most out of your motorcycle.  This helps us make a perfect tune for your motorcycle since most roads aren't perfectly flat and you aren't always riding at wide open throttle!  

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Want to see some results of what exactly Dyno Tuning can do for you?  Check out some examples below.  Many of these charts are proof that a tune that someone emailed you through the internet isn't good enough!  Even AutoTune leaves horsepower on the table!  We also have more information and dyno charts posted on our 
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2017 Road Glide, Pure Power 124, Stage 2 Big Bore Build Package.

2019 Street Glide, ​Stock 114 Engine with Cyclerama CR470 Camshaft Upgrade and Dyno Tuning.

2017 Street Glide, Pure Power 124, Stage 1 Big Bore Build Package.

2019 Road Glide, Pure Power 128, Stage 1+ Big Bore Build Package.

2019 Street Glide, Pure Power 130, Stage 3 Big Bore Build Package.

2019 Road Glide, Pure Power 128, Stage 1 Big Bore Build Package.